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Greenhouse Restoration

Growing seedlings, herbs and tropical medicinal plants

The success of this project was made possible by funding from the University of Mt. Olive and the NC Tabacco Trust Fund.

The restoration began in April of 2023 and was completed in October of 2023.

During the process, we faced some challenges, such as suppling water to the greenhouse. But through a lot of teamwork and digging. We were able to repair to plumbing inside of the greenhouse and the supply to the greenhouse.

We are now able to have an extended growing season and to grow specialized crops such as turmeric, ginger, and other medicinal herbs.

We have started growing turmeric, basal, calendula, comfrey, hibiscus and grapefruit saplings.
We are also excited and looking forward to the coming spring. We plan to sell seedlings and other plants are our newly built roadside pergola.

Project Gallery

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