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Part of Living is Finding the Beauty in everyday Life

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


"When BOTB came into fruition I was elated! God had provided REAL medication. Because I was black, overweight, female, blood pressures not high but borderline and borderline diabetic, medications we’re prescribed not necessarily because I needed them. The more I took these meds the more I needed others. I realized the medications were actually doing more damage than good. 


BOTB has provided me with the natural medicines I needed to manage all my health issues. I sleep better, have more energy, and currently working to cleanse my liver and heal the heart. I am determined to keep the journey of the natural way under the guidance of Dr. Billups.

Thank God for BOTB , the care and love provided to a healthier me!   J.P.

“You mean I could have been without pain this whole time?”    C.G. 

 Joint/Muscle Balm 


“I rub my hands with it every day.  The pain and sticking in my thumb went away.”    H.D. 

Joint/Muscle Balm 

God Has Truly Been Good to Us!

Picnic Basket

Feed yourMind

With the Right Food

Your Food is yourMedicine

Your Medicine
is your
Beautiful Nature

Let God Free your Spirit

So that you can Live 
Bridge Over River

The Journey may seem vast, but it is one worth Taking.  

You have the power to choose.

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