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3 Acre Processing Center Project

Property was obtained in Duplin County for the growing of herbs and as the main herb processing site for the Bottom Of The Barn.

God is gracious and He is good. This site will serve as the main herb processing center for the business.

Two acres of land will be used to grow medicinal plants (flowers, shrubs, and trees). The other acre has structures on it. They include a barn, cold storage, shed for equipment storage, grain bin, and a mushroom house. The site is located off of a main highway.

- The barn will be converted into a small herb processing center, manufacturing site, storage facility and a storefront.
- The cleared land will be used to grow the herbs that we use in large volumes.
- A high tunnel will be built to grow herbs and vegetation that need more temperate conditions as we are in Eastern NC, and it still gets quite cold here.
- The cold storage unit will help to preserve herbs and vegetation that will be used for sale.
- The grain bin will store wheat that is grown by one of our collaborative farmers.

The site needs a little tender loving care and upgrades, but it has everything we need!

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